Vat Diaries 6: Florilegium

Thursday, August 13, 2009

As I have once written on my other blog, there’s nothing more formidable than a blank canvass, slate or paper. And I experienced that this shift. I was given a task to write an article about a topic of my own liking. And guess what, I have spent the first half of the one-hour allowance given to me thinking of a very good topic to write about. It was really frustrating!

As I browsed the web looking for inspiration, I came across a word which I haven't met for a very long time now: florilegium (flor-uh-LEE-jee-um). Surprisingly, it meant a volume of writings or anthology. Yeah, just the very thing I needed!

Unfotunately though, that florilegium I was searching for never came. Thus, I ended up writing up about something most of you won't think at this time. You can find my article, The Best Christmas Present For Your Special Someone, posted in Ronnelismo, my other blog. You might want to read it there. Please do.

I know, it's just August. But here in the Philippines, reaching the months ending in -ber indicates that you need to start decorating your abode with Christmas decorations. So I guess, that makes my article timely. LOL!

Vat Diaries 5: Interviews

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I had prepared for three client interviews this shift. But only one of them was done. Nevertheless, the interview went well and now I have my very first client!

Vat Diaries 4: I Feel Very...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's not everyday that a virtual assistant is scheduled for three interviews in a row. Besides that, I was given ample time to prepare for those three interviews. They'll be tomorrow. I am so excited!


To help someone is very fulfilling. I was able to render a hand to one of our VAs and there's nothing more satisfying than the phrase "thank you!" though how simple it was. I am so glad to have helped!


No man is an island. No matter how skilled a person is, he will still need someone to help him out. I feel so thankful on how other VAs reciprocate the hand I have lent. I wouldn't and won't make it without your help, guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!


It must have been the long weekend which brought my body back getting too sensitive to low temperature. I'll get use to it anyway.


I can't wait to finish this post, travel and reach home, have my breakfast, and kiss my nephews good-bye for school.

Vat Diaries 3: This Looks Like a Draft, But I Don't Need One, So Publish This

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whohoo! It's weekend! I can't wait to turn in. I feel so tired. There were so many things I did today. But I enjoyed each.

Video Editing

It's good to know that in most of the proprietary softwares, there is always an open source or free alternative to them. One of them is Open Movie Editor. I have experienced using it this shift and it was good.

Blog Review

I was made to look at a list of blogs. I noticed a similarity after the fourth blog — Disclosure Policies. Blogging surely has turned from a personal hobby into business. Bloggers began to see opportunities with this new craze. But let me write some of my rantings about this. Unfortunately, not here, not now. Just, please, keep posted.

Note: I got the idea of having a very long title from Jacob Black.

Vat Diaries 2: Craziness

Friday, August 7, 2009

I remember myself writting in my first post that challenges will come my way determined to sweep me off the track of success. That statement definitely fits what has transpired this shift, my fourth night of duty as a virtual assistant trainee.


I was made to do an exercise of transcribing an almost thirty-minute audio file of a conference. The audio quality was so poor and I almost got mad trying to decipher what on earth the meeting attendees were saying! I never thought that transcribing was that hard.

As I progress though, I began to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the whole thing.

Link Building

I should say that this might be the most easy task that I did this shift. I was made to summarize tutorial videos on the basics of link-building. Those videos were of great help in stretching further my knowledge about the said task.

I hope that was it and I can call it good. But no, it wasn't. It wasn't easy at all! Putting the principles I learned from the videos, I felt like banging my head against my monitor. It was very hard finding quality sites upon which to make inbound links.

Though my experience tonight was crazy, it's okay. I know that things achieved through hard work are worth it compared to that which were easily received.

Vat Diaries 1: Blog Commenting and Product Describing

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blogging has been around the web for so long but it is only now that I begin to understand that it is more than just a hobby. Blogging is a business in its own right. Thus, it is one of the most used business strategies nowadays. Who among you haven't noticed corporate sites propping up their own blog sections? Blogging promotes interaction and so it attracts clients to their site and eventually to the products and services they offer.

Blog Commenting

I have learned blog commenting. Though I have been giving out comments to different random blogs that come my way while surfing the web, commenting has never been that important to me. Commenting does not only indicate how rich the readership of a certain blog is. It is also one way of building reputation in the web.

Speaking of this web reputation, one cannot make a very good virtual standing haphazardly. Link-building is one way of making a standing in the web. But it isn't a joke. One must ensure that the comments you are giving out are relevant to the target article and to that which you are link-building.

Product Describing

I have also experienced describing products. This required great dedication to really turn the product itself into words. Product descriptions are not only text meant to occupy most space of a web page. In few words, a client reading it must feel that he is listening to a sales representative and must be convinced that he needs to purchase that thing.

These are the things I learned so far. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more of my posts. Thank you for reading!

By the way, from now on, I will be updating Ronnelismo Tech with a new series of posts called Vat Diaries, that is Virtual Assistant Trainee Diaries. This will contain all the things I learn as a trainee.

Double Trouble

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, you might remember that there is a scene where a choir is singing Double Trouble. I was really fascinated how John Williams orchestrated that movie. He was able to capture the plot's feeling into his music sheets.

However, this post is not about that (if you're curious you might wanna stream Double Trouble videos at This post is about the Number Two. I don't know anything about numerology nor do I know if it is taught in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But I think this number is very meaningful to me this day. Let me enumerate:

  1. Today is my second day of duty at Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc. I have learned so many things and some will be posted below.
  2. This is my second blog post here.
  3. I have created two new blogs, namely Ronnelismo and Ronnelismo Tech.
  4. I have two very important things I learned which are related to search engine optimization: link-building and data entry. It was confusing at first but because of Ms. Hyzent's helpful insights, I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it.
  5. There are two applications I learned to use: FileZilla and Evolution Mail. Thanks to Ms. Theresa and the helpful tutorial videos from VAT.

It isn't trouble after all!

The Best Night Yet!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who haven't suffered a Last Song Syndrome upon hearing Spongebob Squarepants singing The Best Day Ever? Surely, I'm not one of them, because right now that song keeps playing in my mind that I decided to write something about it. But permit me to have my own version of it — The Best Night Yet! I got three pulsating reasons why that is so.

Firstly and obviously, it is the moment within the 24-hour rotation of the Earth when we, Earthlings, call it night (LOL!). Seriously, tonight's weather is better than the previous nights here in Iloilo City. There's far lighter rainfalls and weaker wind blows. It's a very good feeling not having to fear of catching colds after getting soaked by the rain, or not having to fear of being hit by flying rooftops while walking down the streets, or not having to fear of rain water filling up your place like a flushed toilet bowl.

Next, I got this blog running within minutes. Thanks to Blogger! Ronnelismo Tech will be part of my Ronnelismo family of blogs. This will talk more about the geeky stuffs I will learn and which I am so excited to share to everyone. I'll be updating my sidebar with the links to my other online presences, so please stay tune. I already did, yepeeh!

And lastly, I'm with the greatest and geekiest people one can find in the web — Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc! This is my second night of training here and I'm very much happy learning new things on how to be part of this young and budding industry.

Sometimes the little things start closing in on me,
When I'm feeling down I wanna lose that frown,
I stick my head out the window and look around.
Those clouds don't scare me they can't disguise,
This magic that's happening right before my eyes.
Soon Mr. Moon Mr. Sun will be shining bright,
So the best day ever night yet will last all night day.
Yes the best day ever's night yet's gonna last all night day now.

Going back to Spongebob's song, we may sometimes feel problematic or hopeless. But we must remember that behind the dark clouds is a vey bright sun. I know that having been accepted here at VAT as a trainee will be very fun and full of learnings. Tonight itself is a testament to that.

Nevertheless, I also know that challenges will come my way determined to sweep me off the track. But with patience, zeal and hard work, I know that the fruit will be worth it. This won't be the last best night nor day yet. Thus, I will differ from Mr. Squarepants labeling his day as the best day ever. I definitely, however, agree that this best night will last all day later when Mr. Sun rises.

Well, I think that's it for now. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to bookmark this blog or subscribe to the feeds. God bless you all!